Posted by: Precious | March 14, 2009

Don’t know what to call—

tahlia-568Well random thoughts here and there.    It’s Friday evening and I’m here blogging while the living room lies in shambles!   My toddler is excellent in making a mess out of everything.    We bought her a small slide that folds.  Currently it’s stationed in the living room.  I’m hoping we can move this outside in the backyard so we can reclaim the living room.   Wow, who would have thoughts kids take so much space!   Anyway, she loves the slide, uses it all day long.  She even slides her dolls on there.

Before I had a baby I had so many rules and ideas as to how I’m gonna do things.   Well, T came along and she was the most difficult baby on the planet!  She cried a lot, vomited like a possessed person and hardly slept!   At the height of her reflux she probably slept about 6 hours within a 24 hour period.  It was so hard on me and on hubby too….but I think on me mostly since I’m the one with her 24/7.  That’s why I chose to stay home.   Anyway, the rules came out the window with this child.   It seemed like nothing much applied to her anyway!

She’s 18 months old now and a bubbly and smart child.   She’s still on Prevacid and I’m having a hard time getting her off it and it’s really stressing me out sometimes.     She still drinks Similac Alimentum Ready to Feed due to multiple food allergies.  Her diet’s so limited. I sometimes get irritated and jealous when I hear other moms complaining  about their kids’ eating!  Heck, you should be happy that your LO can have dairy and eggs!   If only my daughter can have it, I would load her up on it on days when she barely eats.

Anyway, as I said these are gonna be random!  Haha.

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