Posted by: Precious | March 16, 2009

Hemp milk anyone?

Since my toddler is allergic to milk, I’m constantly thinking of what to give her once we stop giving her Alimentum RTF.  Alimentum is so expensive!   So rice, soy and any of the nut milks are out.  So our other option is hemp milk.   Well last year, hubby and I tried some hemp milk.  It was so expensive, 3.99 for a small carton!  We tried Hemp Bliss(Living Harvest), it was pretty good though.   At that time we didn’t give it to our daughter yet who was not even a year old that time.

So fast forward to a few days ago.  My daughter and I went to Whole Foods to get some hemp milk.  I noticed that there’s a new brand “Hemp Dream.”  Same maker of “Rice Dream” which is what hubby and I drink at home.    We came home excited to try this “Hemp Dream” but actually it was not as good as the other brand.  I gagged trying to drink it and worst, my daughter won’t drink it either.   For almost 4 bucks I was expecting it to taste like Living Harvest, the brand we tried last year.   So I guess I will be getting that next time I go to WF.    I used it for cooking thought and it turned out so well, much thicker than rice milk.

By the way, we are a dairy-free household (we do sneak out stuff when our daughter is asleep)!

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