Posted by: Precious | March 28, 2009

Blood work

OK so I’ve been dreading going to the hematologist but after canceling my appt over and over again, I finally went and saw the doc.   It wasn’t so bad, except for the 8 vials of blood the MA took!  Boy I started feeling dizzy after that, could be just from the sight of it, who knows.  Anyway, gosh that was a lot of blood to give in at one sitting!

SO I saw the hematologist and he was like I need to give more blood for more testing and I just politely said I need to get home to my baby and I would rather do this some other time.    He was fine with that and I quickly got out of there.

It’s always hard for me to leave my daughter…I’m so used to having her around I feel so incomplete when she’s not with me!

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