Posted by: Precious | April 9, 2009

Daily Grind

breakingdwn2Hohum…nothing new.  Just the monotony of daily living.

My daughter got sick this weekend and passed it on to me and my husband.  I’m not feeling so great, coughing and sneezing.

I’m still reading Breaking Dawn (the last book in Twilight).  I can’t say this is my favorite,  I think I like the 1st one the best.   I saw the movie “Twilight” first before reading the books.   Funny thing is that last year I said I don’t want to see that movie and I don’t want to read the books.   Well I ate everything I said!   It’s actually decent and the weird thing is like when I started reading Twilight, I kept seeing the characters in the movie.  I’m sure my experience would have been different had I read the books first before watching the movie.   These books make me feel like young (er) again! Heheheh.  True love, first love, chivalry.   Sigh….I doubt men will be interested in these books or even the movie,  unless of course they are in love with Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan).     I have stayed up til 3 am in the morning several nights in a row!!! This is just utter madness!  My husband is mildly annoyed! LOL

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