Posted by: Precious | February 6, 2010


So for the past few weeks I’ve been in a funk.  I have health problems but that I can deal with.   It’s so hard when it’s your child that has an issue.   I hate to say the word sick and I won’t use that word when I refer to her.

For 7 months now she’s had no weight gain and that has been troubling me and her doctors.   It’s so stressful.   After she turned a year old, she started to not grow as much. I hate that word Failure to Thrive with a passion.   She finally gained 2 lbs in June/July 2009 after going gluten-free.   My husband and I rejoiced because we thought we’d finally figured out her problem.   We attributed it to gluten-intolerance.   But that was 7 months ago and since then, hardly anything.   The little she gained, she lost.  It’s so aggravating.

Nights are spent researching whatever I can find on the internet.   Days are spent mulling over her food and phone calls and scheduling and going to so many appointments!

I just want to know what’s causing this.   I’ve prayed my heart out, I’ve cried a million tears.   Lord, hear my prayers.   I know You are willing and able.

I’m really trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I want an answer, I’m desperate.

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