Posted by: Precious | June 30, 2010

Pear Butter with the Supersonic seal

A couple of months ago I attempted to make some type of pear butter.  I wasn’t being picky, I just wanted something that resembled one or some type of a jam.  I found a recipe online but tweaked it a little because I didn’t want to use all the ingredients listed.   I know this sounds probably stupid but I put the diced pears in a crockpot for 24 hours.   I initially boiled it on the stove, then later on moved it to the crockpot.  Well the result was a disastrous brown mush that looked and tasted horrible.

I certainly couldn’t eat it and I wasn’t about to give it to my 2 yr old.

Anyway, later while shopping at a local Farmers market, I saw some pear butter.  I checked the ingredients and it seemed safe.   I was mainly making sure it had no corn-derived ingredients and definitely no gluten.   I found a hefty bottle of pear butter for $6, not bad! I felt good about my purchase,  couldn’t wait to try it!  My daughter was excited too.

So we got home and sort of forgot about the pear butter for a couple of days.  Then 2 days ago I was rummaging through the contents of my fridge and found that pear butter again.  Naturally I wanted some.   Unfortunately that thing won’t open.  It was in a mason jar and the seal was really tight!  I tapped it with a knife all around the lid.   I turned it upside down and banged it on the floor over and over.  I banged the lid on the countertop.   Nothing happened, seal stayed put.   I even posted on Facebook about the difficulty I’m having.   I gave up and put the resilient pear butter back in its spot inside the fridge.

As Robert Pattinson’s character Tyler Hawkins said in Remember Me,  “I guess it was just here to tease me!”

Another day went by and I really want some pear butter darn it!   I got that thing again and did everything I did the day before.  Nope wouldn’t budge again.   Then later on someone posted on my wall to use a can opener and open it that way.   I was frustrated and was ready to just smash that bottle with a hammer, for crying out loud.  I did find a can opener and after struggling for a few minutes I heard the familiar “gasp” as the seal broke! Yeah!  Finally, some pear butter!  It was very good too!

Note to self: Keep can opener handy for future purchases of fruit butters!

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