Posted by: Precious | July 4, 2010

A Sweet Apology

Today was a scorcher!  Tempers were flaring, including my toddler’s.   Earlier this evening she wanted me to fill her water pistol with water so she can clean the glass storm door.    I let her do it in the morning but  I didn’t allow her to do it this evening for several reasons.   Well, that didn’t fly with her!  She huffed and puffed and wanted the water in the pistol!   I didn’t back down.  She yelled at me over and over again and stormed into her room!   Wow, this is a 2-yr-old!

When she didn’t come out of her room and  I could still hear her mouthing off and yelling, I retreated to my room and laid down on my bed because I had a headache.   Five minutes later I saw the door crack open and she peeked.   Then she slowly and meekly walked in, crawled into bed and looked at me.

She said “Mama, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“I yelled at you earlier, sorry Mama.  I love you!”

I couldn’t help but share it, this was just so sweet.   I’m thankful that at her tender age of 2 that she knows when she did wrong even without me telling her and even more so, that she had the decency to apologize!

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