Posted by: Precious | July 27, 2010

No Words

This past week has been a nightmare for me and my family.  T had her allergy testing on Tuesday and found out she is allergic to rice.   I was suspecting it before but praying so hard it’s not for real.   I think this was the big one, since she’s gluten-free, rice is in everything she eats.   Rice crackers, rice pasta, rice chips….rice, rice, rice everything.

Her little 2.5 yr old mind couldn’t comprehend why she now can’t have rice and other things that she was eating before.

I was nearly in tears at the doctor’s office.  She also lost banana, avocado, pork, beef and still allergic to chicken.

Overwhelming and disheartening, I am out of words and tears.  I am desperate and short of selling my soul.  I know this sounds a little extreme but desperate times call for desperate measures.


  1. I feel for you. It isn’t easy when your child has allergies. I hope she outgrows it. My son used to have an allergic reaction to chocolates but over time it disappeared. Maybe you can also look for some gluten free recipes here

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