Posted by: Precious | August 1, 2010

Fried plantain with caramelized brown sugar

It's blurry but you get the idea

When you’re having a bad day what do you do?   I like to indulge myself, eat something sweet.   Have you had plantain before?   They are like huge bananas but don’t really taste much like one.   I usually find them at Whole Foods market or at Kroger.    It takes some time for it to ripen.   The way you know it’s ripe is when it’s soft and has plenty of dark spots on the skin.

My recipe is very simple and adapted from my family’s “banana-Q” recipe.

1 large ripe plantain

1 tbsp brown sugar

Canola oil (I use organic canola oil)

In a pan heat canola oil.

Cut up the plantain in half.  Then cut the half in smaller pieces.    Roll in raw brown sugar.   Place in the pan and fry on each side til brown and sugar is caramelized.

You can serve this with berries and ice cream and whip cream (dairy-free in my case).   I just like to eat it plain like this.



  1. We had plantains years ago when we visited Jamaica. I loved them, but cannot find them in our grocery stores. I want Whole Foods to come to the Heartland. 🙂

    • Hi Jane. Do you have a Kroger? How about Meijer? I can usually find it at Asian and hispanic stores too. I hope you can have some! I’ll post some other plantain recipes, they’re very versatile.

      I’ve been to Jamaica too and their food was great!

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