Posted by: Precious | August 5, 2010

Day 1 of Peas

I’m putting peas back into T’s diet.  Today or rather yesterday was the 1st day.   I boiled some organic peas that I purchased from Kroger.   She ate a few bites but won’t touch the rest.   She said it was “gross” and “yucky” complete with funny facial expressions!

I’ll try again in 4 days but today was a no-go.  Peas is just one of those vegetables that a lot of people don’t like right?   My husband doesn’t like peas either.   I like them a lot.   I always have liked peas.

So moving on and updating her rotation diet.



  1. Hey Thea! Just got your comment on my shakshuka blog. I wanted to let you know that I posted another gluten free recipe today. On my blog under the “categories” menu there is a gluten free tag, it will pull up all the recipes that are GF. Hope it helps! Keeping GF must be so tough with a 2 year old… hang in there!

    • Thanks Tori for the heads up. I’ll check it out, I love your blog! We’re bored with the same old stuff here at home. 🙂

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