Posted by: Precious | August 12, 2010

Elk anyone?

Have you had elk before?   When I first heard of it, it gave me images of a bushy-tailed Bambi,  gallivanting in the forest!   I didn’t want to eat that cuteness!

I just had it and it’s good, but it dries fast if you overcook it.   I’m trying it out with T and hopes that she will take to it.   So far I’ve tried it twice, 2 different ways of cooking it and she doesn’t really care for it.   However, it’s going into the rotation diet for now.

By the way, did I mention this meat is so expensive?  Gahhh!  I drove all the way to Indiana for this!

Today I broke an elk patty into smaller pieces, boiled with a little garlic powder and Kosher salt.  I added a little bit of tomato paste and some apricot(to give it a little sweetness).   I also put ground pepper.   Boiled that for a bit until meat is cooked and served it over zucchini that I made to look like pasta.

I like it but again the elk is a little tough to chew, so I think that may be why she won’t eat it?

I’ll post a picture later.   We’ll try again this evening.


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