Posted by: Precious | September 16, 2010

A birthday party to attend

My neighbor came over to drop off a birthday invite for us.  Her daughter’s having a birthday party this Sunday, she’ll be 2.  So now I’m thinking oh no, gotta socialize again, have to make something for my kid to eat there so she won’t feel out of place.  I doubt there will be anything I could eat there also but not to worry about me, I’m an adult and I can deal much better than her.

I don’t like this feeling at all, that my child is going to feel left out and there’s not much I can do about it.  I just try to shield her from real life right now as much as I can.  I’m always worried about cross-contamination at other people’s homes.  At least in my house I have a controlled environment, as long as people don’t bring anything that my daughter is allergic to.

We’ll see how this party goes, thankfully, it’s around her naptime so we’ll have an excuse not to stay too long.  I am just tired of answering questions and being made to feel like I’m overprotective and that it’s all in my head.

All these food allergies and me being celiac has dampened my social life!  By the way, I’m not complaining, I am mainly just stating a fact.



  1. It is hard to socialize with food conditions. Most people for sure family and friends can be very accommodating, but if they don’t know they aren’t able. Maybe you need to just let your neighbor be aware and then they won’t think you are being rude.

    • Thanks for visiting my site !

      I have told them about our food allergies. I even told them I have celiac disease, naturally they have no clue what that it, so they continue to assume we can eat whatever and probably are just picky. Clearly they don’t get it. The last time we were there, the grandma was there(she wasn’t old by the way). She kept insisting to feed my daughter ice cream. For about 10 minutes she insisted over and over again. It was a headache!

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