Posted by: Precious | September 21, 2010

Birthday Party Update

We went to the birthday party yesterday, it was basically just across the street from my house.  There was a lot of people, lots of children.  There was a huge inflatable in the backyard.  My daughter  was ecstatic about that and jumped right in.  In fact she had been watching that thing since morning when it was first set up(the party was late in the afternoon).   She kept going on and on about it!

We didn’t stay long, it was her naptime and she and I were both tired.  We didn’t know most of the people, I socialized but still felt out of place.  We went inside the house to see if there was something we could eat.  I took some fruits and some chips but I ate very little.  T didn’t eat anything though I know from the look in her eyes she really wanted the other foods.   She was such a good girl and didn’t fuss and cry about not being able to eat them.

So I think it went great, however again it hurts to see my daughter feeling sort of left out, and me as well.  The great thing was there was a lot of people so the homeowner didn’t have much time to fuss and make sure I was eating their food.


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