Posted by: Precious | September 23, 2010

Grain-free (TMI)

I have been wanting to post this but keep forgetting.  I’ve been thinking of grains and how it’s affecting my daughter.   Almost 2 weeks ago she had a bout of diarrhea again with lots of mucus.  I finally took her to the pediatrician after a week of it.   He suggested trying going grain-free, he said some people with celiac can’t do any grains at all.   I told him that I have been researching about this topic as well and that I’m intolerant to grains.

I’ve actually looked into the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  I thought of trying it for myself first.

So as hard as this sounds, a week ago, I removed all the grains from my daughter’s diet.   It’s hard, very hard.  I’m really struggling what to feed her and still trying to stay in the rotation diet.  Some days the rotation diet is completely messed up.   I stress about her that I don’t want her to lose any more foods in her diet, I think about this all the time.

Since I’m intolerant to grains, I’ve been doing my best to stay off it as much as I can.  Last Sunday I cheated and ate some popcorn at the farmers market, it was bad idea of course.



  1. Hi T,

    So here are your posts ‘hidden’, my booksmarks were all over the place, but I found it again all by myself!
    I’m very sorry about what you’re going trough, keep on looking for that light at the other end, I know YOU can do it. Stay strong, and don’t be a stranger! I otherwise worry hon. 🙂

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